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Claim 8988 | Holden Caprice 2015 | $17000.0

Claim Summary:

A customer with a 2015 Holden Caprice was in a not at fault accident. The other driver is insured with Suncorp. Customer’s vehicle was correctly repaired without the permission from at fault insurer and sustained $21,823.66 in damages. Suncorp initially offered only $10,853.65. We respectfully rejected that offer because it was way too low. After a lot of arguing the insurer finally agreed to pay $17,000.00. We got an extra $‭6,146.35‬ on top of the original offer. Never trust an opinion of someone who owes you money! Make sure you ask for a second opinion. It pays off to hire an independent auto insurance expert like us to maximize your recovery.

Claim Details:

Claim Type – Repairs Only
Settlement Amount – $17000.0


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