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Claim 13694 | Suzuki Swift 2005 | $4997.0

Claim Summary:

A customer wrecked and totaled his 2005 Suzuki Swift. The insurance company offered him $2,875.40. They were not using real comparisons and refused to look at all the receipts for work he had done. That’s when he hired us. The insurer hired an independent appraiser who would not agree with us on a value. Saying $3,200.00 was all the money. Once the smoke cleared and the dust settled we got a customer $4,997.00, that’s an increase of $‭2,121.6‬0. Make sure you get a second opinion. Never trust an opinion of someone who owes you money!

Claim Details:

Claim Type – Repairs Only
Settlement Amount – $4997.0


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