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Claim 1003791 | HONDA ACCORD EURO 2006 | $7500.0

Claim Summary:

Another great recovery. A customer with 2006 Honda Accord was hit by a NRMA insured driver. His vehicle was declared a total loss. The at fault insurer offered $5,005.00. That offer was quickly rejected. We continued discussions. Once the smoke cleared and dust settled we got a customer $7,500.00 for his total loss, that’s an additional $‭2,495‬.00. Every dollar counts! Did your body shop help you get more money for your total loss? Did your attorney even help you with your vehicle or repairs? Make sure your body shop, your attorney and appraisal company are wiling to go the extra mile to get you what you deserve.

Claim Details:

Claim Type – Repairs Only
Settlement Amount – $7500.0


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