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Claim 1003672 | Toyota COROLLA 2008 | $3900.0

Claim Summary:

A customer with a 2008 Toyota Corolla was hit by a NRMA insured driver. His vehicle was declared a total loss. The at fault insurer’s first offer was $2,154.20. We respectfully rejected that offer because we felt the insurer undervalued the vehicle. We continued discussions. Once the smoke cleared and the dust settled we got a customer $3,900.00 for his total loss, that’s an additional $‭1,745.8‬0 on top of the original offer! How about that for a valuation mistake? Never take the first offer from someone who owes you money! Do yourself a favor and ask for a second opinion.

Claim Details:

Claim Type – Repairs Only
Settlement Amount – $3900.0


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