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Claim 1003541 | HONDA CRV 2018 | $12500.0

Claim Summary:

Another great recovery. A customer with a new like 2018 Honda Odyssey was hit by a Suncorp insured driver.The vehicle was correctly repaired without a permission from the at fault insurer. Suncorp initially offered $5,819.08. That offer was quickly rejected. After a lot of arguing the insurer finally agreed to pay $12,500.00, we got an extra $‭6,680.92‬, that’s more than double the original offer! Never trust an opinion of someone who owes you money. Contact us to help you with your auto insurance claim. It always pays off to hire an independent motor insurance expert to maximize your recovery.

Claim Details:

Claim Type – Repairs Only
Settlement Amount – $12500.0


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