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Need your help! Diminished Value Claims

Diminished Value Survey


Dear Friends, Partners and Customers! We invite you to participate in Australian Legal history. It’s easy, please fill in this very short survey and share it with your friends.

This is what we are doing – we are trying to prove in Court for the first time ever that cars lose value after they have an accident. It’s a new kind of insurance claim – popular in USA, but not done in Australia (until now!)

Think of it like this: after an accident, some insurance company pays for repairs on your car, but is the car really worth the same as it was before the accident, even though it’s been repaired perfectly?

We think not, because car buyers like you, typically prefer to pay less for refurbished cars compared to un-refurbished cars. This survey tries to measure how much of a difference in price there is between a refurbished vehicle, versus the same car which has never previously been damaged.

As a result, we hope to get you extra compensation after your car has been damaged and repaired.

Click this link: Car Accident – Diminished Value Survey

Thank you for your help, you are the best!


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