Smash Repair Services


  • Our Smart Repairs program help repairers to make sure that they never lose a job because of an insurer, and that they don’t get ripped off on completing repair work.
  • Our Smart Rental program helps repairers to make more money by showing them how they can get paid for providing their own loan vehicles.
  • Our Factoring program helps repairers to manage their cashflow.


Insures and repairers have a conflict of interest. Insurers want to pay as little as possible. Repairers want to get paid as much as possible. This causes a never ending tension between repairers and insurers. We help repairers to overcome tensions with insurers by using independent assessing services.

The benefits of using independent assessing services are that your customer does not have to make the vehicle available for insurance assessments. This prevents the insurer from steering the vehicle to another repairer.

The other benefit of independent assessing is that the repairer does not have to quote the vehicle at discounted insurer rates of repair. The vehicle may be quoted at market rates for the cost of repair.


It’s difficult for repairers to make money repairing cars ion Australia because insurers make it difficult to charge a profit margin on repair work. We show smash repairers how they can loan out their own cars to their own customers in order to diversify their source of income. As as a result of our advice, smash repairers make additional income, over and above the cost of repairs.


Vehicle repair in a capital intensive activity. Most of the time, insurers force repairers to repair a vehicle prior to repairs being completed. This approach puts an enormous pressure of smash repairer finances. We help smash repairers to smooth out their cash flow by offering funding for repair costs, before the vehicle is repaired.