Leasing Companies



  • When accident happen, your customers need you to be there for them, but it needs to be done in a way which generates income.
  • We transform accident management into a profit centre instead of it being a cost centre.
  • We help lease providers to sell more leases but implementing accident replacement vehicles programs..
  • We help lease providers to generate income from repair management.


  • Stand out from competition by providing your customers a 1800 hotline for accident management.
  • Earn between $3,000 and $10,000.00 every time your customer’s have a “not t fault” accident by providing an accident replacement vehicle and earning income from repair management.
  • Earn up to $1,000.00 every time your customer has an “at fault” accident by implementing a repair management program.
  • Enjoy awesome customer service satisfaction ratings by offering your customers zero excess smash repairs.
  • Sell more leases by providing accident replacement vehicles to your customers.


In 2016 a Sydney based leasing company operated an accident management centre which did not generate any underlying profit. When accidents happened, the leasing company simply sent vehicles to a network or repair providers without being compensated. It did not provide “no cost” accident replacement vehicles to it’s customers. If a customer needed a replacement car after an accident, they either had to rent a vehicle from the lessor or go elsewhere.

CARS Claims set up a repairer network scheme and implement an accident replacement vehicle program for the leasing company. Our client then informed it’s customers that they are entitled to benefit from free accident replacement cars after they have a “not at fault” car accident. After we implemented the program for our client, the leasing company started to earn income every time one its customers reported an accident. The leasing company started to benefit from repairer commissions in exchange for providing repair work to it’s network of repairers, and earned income from recovering the cost of accident replacement vehicles from insurers.


To discuss the benefits of your accident management program Please contact Daniel Nerezov on 1300 CLAIM 1 or email daniel@carsclaims.com.au