We are a specialist accident management company. Our mission is to lead the world in car accident care. We achieve this purpose by providing claims handling infrastructure for motor dealers, leasing companies and smash repairers. Since 2013, we have handled over 5,000 motor vehicle accidents.

Our services are used by motor dealers, fleet leasing companies and smash repairers for the purpose of generating income as a result of car accidents. We set up accident management centers for our clients and process insurance claims so that our clients benefit from credit hire, diminished value and credit repair income.

Traditional income streams for motor dealers are drying up. It’s difficult to make money selling cars, finance and insurance commissions are at risk of being regulated further, insurance commissions are under scrutiny by ASIC, service income diminishes over the age of the vehicle and parts sales are under pressure from non-genuine part imports. As a response to these pressures, we offer a method which generates income for motor dealers, every time that their customer has an accident. As a result of using our services, dealerships are able to earn income of up to $10,000 every time that their customer has a car accident.